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Monday, September 20, 2010

An Awesome Blog!

I would like to introduce you to my friend June of Dezinaworld.

June has wonderful graphics in her shop and here are 2 that I have used to make my own creations called “French Paquettes.” (More images coming soon!)

June also has a challenge every Thursday--it’s so fun. She picks a theme and then, we can just make something that fits it...

And my friends June of Junibears and Chris of My Arty Attempts are on her fabulous design team...I tell you, the talent over there is amazing!!!


She Uses Her Words said...

These are amazing Cindy! I wish I had people in my area who were into this kind of art. I'd love to take an in-person class. I'm having lots of fun playing around though! I'll go visit the blogs listed above. Sounds like fun!
xo, Karen

Junibears said...

That's a lovely photo of June! She looks gorgeous!
Thanks for giving Chris and I a mention too, I have some work to do for June today.
Your art is always fabulous Cindy. I just adore looking at your tags. Hope you and DH are well and he's progressing nicely.
Beautiful sunny morning here. I've just been chatting to my son on the phone for 30 minutes so I'd better get on with some work (play!!).

Lots of love to you Cindy,

The other June xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh hello my lovely friend :) What a lovely thing to do. Its a nice surprise and i really appreciate it. Thanks also for the lovely kind words from you and also from June (junibears )
You just made my day !!
Its like opening a chocolate box when i come to your blogs,so many beautiful images and words, you make everyones days brighter.
I hope Ralph is improving and gaining strength with every day.
Have a lovely day
hugs June xxx

Karen said...

Awe what a fabulous picture of our June!!! I love visiting her blog , even tho I don't do digi there is always something nice to look at! XX

Katsui Jewelry said...

Loving your blog! i just read about it on Lynn's site and I saw what you made her. Nothing like a friend who gives a treat when she is having bouts of hard times herself. You so clearly promote and support your friends. We all need to follow your example.

I love mixed media arts and am working on ten sachets for a swap right now. My daughter and I make repurposed jewelry. Right now we are in Croatia for the wedding of our exchange student son. Such excitement!

(Stop by sometime, if you wish. We are only a tiny about our jewelry...and a whole lot about Croatia right now!)

Chris said...

Oh Cindy, you are a sweetheart. June does have a great website. You have proved that her images are first and formost for collage art. No digital required. That is what is so great her images are versatile for both worlds of art.

Thankyou Hun, give hubby a big healthy hug.
Hugs, Chris

Betty said...

Hi Cindy what fabulous makes hun, love them and june's images and her blog is fantastic, just brought the paris collection, just could,t resist.
Healthy blessing to your hubby.
Hugs Betty x x

Roselle said...

Dear Cindy: I received your GORGEOUS and generous bracelet!!! It is just beautiful! Looks very vintage and really great with black. I wear LOADS of black. So it will be worn a lot. Today is a really busy day with dancing school for the girls so look for a post about it soon. Maybe tomorrow :)

Oh and I love your new header. Looking forward to seeing your new creations "French Paquettes".

Rhonda Emery said...

I love your blog. I am now a follower.

stampdiva said...

Ilove your new look - so personal. My Blog will turn 1 in December so before then I need to shake things up a little. you have inspired me. I lack confidence in the area of Blogging but the time has come to add some "oomph" to my Blog. You are so inspirational.Lynne x