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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Fun!

I’m ready for fall and got the house all decorated...

Also, I have just completed a fall project. My friend, Lynn
from Trash to Treasure Art was the inspiration
for this little “pocket book.”

Autumn colors were chosen for this travel-themed piece.

On the weekend, I will have a complete tutorial posted
on how to make these. Hope you'll join the fun! (Each one
takes 3-4 hours to complete.)


Netty said...

Terrific project Cindy and I adore all your decorations for Autumn. Have a great weekend, Annette x

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That's a great project Cindy...I have so many papers from scrapbooking that I haven't used in a LONG time plus a whole bunch of other odds and ends..I should try making one of those!!!

Oh, do you like to read novels at all? There's a really neat's older, by Gilbert Morris called "The Creoles"...and it's about these four girls...all fast this school in New Orleans, LA in the 1800s...I've read the first two books in the series...I haven't finished it yet though..

Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Olive Cooper said...

Your mantel is the berries. hugs♥olive

Lynn Stevens said...

Cindy, Such Beautiful fall decorations. I so need to get my home is shape for the season. Maybe this weekend. I adore your little pocketbook and how sweet of you to give me a mention. I'll be watching for your tutorial!
Hugs Lynn

WrightStuff said...

They are beautifully romantic Cindy. I adore how you decorated your house. I need to do something this weekend I think - go and forage for some of nature's interesting bits and pieces!

Scrapping With Sherry said...

How much fun is that? I viewed the tutorial too! Can you tell me what the measurements are? People would eat these up if you could purchase them. Hmmm... Love both of the themes and all of the neat vintage finds placed here and there. This is a piece you could look at more than once and find new things.

Have not decorated and to tell you the truth after all the work it took getting house in order after my "break" not sure that I will.. Bah Humbug Huh?


Love of the Sea said...

Cindy - love your Fall decorations...and I look forward to the tutorial. I love the travel themed piece.

Chris said...

Good morning cindy, your decorations are lovely and thankyou for the great pocket book tutorial. Your books are wonderful. Pop over to my blog and look at the lovely comments about your tag post.
Hugs, Chris

Creative Grammie said...

what a cool project! Thanks for the tutorial; I'm giving this one a try.
Love your fall decorations, so gorgeous.

June said...

Ohhh its so pretty. I love these they are beautiful. I hope you have a fantastic week my friend filled with autumn beauty
hugs June xxxxx

Betty said...

Hi Cindy love your fall decorations just beautiful, and your pocket book i just adore it.
Betty x x