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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Gift Of Love

There is a wonderful woman named Mary from
who is looking for volunteers to make an
18” quilt square to create a “community quilt”
featuring various artists’ work.

So, I got to designing a piece that features coffee-themed batik fabric. A fabric tag completes the piece. Rag-tag sewing is contained in the upper left quadrant of the quilt square for a true mixed media effect. This quilt project is being made for people who are in hospitals or those who have fallen on hard times...What a wonderful surprise for Christmas, don’t you think? If you would like to join in, just let Mary know!

This story would not be complete without telling you that I have a new sewing machine that I did not have time to learn to operate yet...So, once it was designed, my husband sewed it for me!! (What a guy, huh?) Gotta love it!

There are several companion fabrics and one has coffee beans which I used to create the "Latte" tag, along with burlap and other embellishments.

I loved working with this theme so much that I also created one of my favorite tags--"The Espresso" tag for my Etsy shop.

I'm am linking this up to Dayle's wonderful challenge, which is The Airing of the Quilts!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors of this project your doing! Very nice indeed. Hugs. Tammy

Donna said...

That's so awesome Cindy! That your dear hubby joined in makes it even sweeter! Some lucky person will really enjoy this! Great tag, too :)

Sue said...

Beautiful design Cindy, and I think your dh just might be a keeper. lol How sweet of him to do this. I have a new sewing machine, and I too have not yet learned how to use it without my mothers help. Now if I could just get hubby to help, I might have it made.
Thanks for sharing. Sue

Linda said...

This really turned out well, Cindy~ such a nice project~ and so great you and your husband worked together on it!

A Vintage Chic said...

Loved that your husband helped out, Cindy--sounds like something my husband would do, too! Love those handymen!

Great tags! I so love your creativity, my friend!


Devonay@LumpkinAndMe said...

Great colors... and extra special with hub's help!

ArtSnark said...

wow - fun layers & textures! Off to check out your shop now

Terry said...

This is so lovely, Cindy! Wonderful that your DH is so helpful. Mine is very helpful, but his way of helping is to add buggy eyes! Have a wonderful evening!

Scrapping With Sherry said...


I love coffee and have a addiction to Cafe Vanilla Frappe at Starbucks that goes along with a very expensive Starbucks Coffee cup collection! I am going to need a 12 step group pretty soon. Your store is getting filled with such beautiful stuff. Way to go!


Have had grandkids for 2 days cause babysitter backed out and daughter in Vegas. Thats why I have been on computer minimal amount.

Incipient Wings said...

Cindy! how nice that your husband sews too.
this turned out beautifully. hmmm now i want coffee!

Anonymous said...

Cindy this is lovely! I adore coffee themed items, my first "internet fabric" purchase was a collection of coffee fabrics from a few different sellers. The textures you've combined work so well together, just perfect.

Feathers and Flight said...

Your Tag is Beautiful and Definitely one of my Favorite Subjects..Latte!!Pumpkin Spice Latte!Yum!
Thank you For Your Support Cindy! I need it!!
I am Trying to Stay Calm and Carry On!

Chris said...

Great tag Cindy! it looks very tactile. That would be a very cold day in H*** that my hubby would sew something for me. You are right yours is exceptional.

Barbara said...

Wonderful tag Cindy! Great that your hubby helped you out too.

Hugs XX


WOW, those are very creative... your page are filled with many interestin' things... glad to have found this blog... d(^^)b..

..followin' here via Crystal Mary...^^



Ann Nichols said...

These are awesome, Cindy! Think I'll go make a cup now!

LAwoman28 said...

I like this design mama! Considering that I am waking up and drinking my coffee, it seems very appropriate

Dayle said...

Cindy, I'm in love! I have a coffee theme in my kitchen and am a scrapbooker and a lover of quilts. What a wonderful piece of art you've created. Thanks so much for your kind comment earlier, and for linking up. Love it!

LV said...

What a great idea. You came up with a very clever idea for yours.

Anonymous said...

Love this. You always find the greatest opportunities to take your art to another level--ministry.

Happy REDnesday.