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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"A Day at the Beach" and "Miss Creative Spirit" for October!!!

Today my husband and I went to Dauphin Island in Alabama.

I should tell you that I love the beach!

And I especially love this man--my husband!

While I was there I wanted all of you to know that I was
thinking about you, so I wrote my blog name in the sand...
It was my way of saying "hi" from the island!

And last but not least, here's me and I'm going to announce
the winner of the Creative Spirit Challenge and it is Nancy
of The Trinket Collector who is Miss Creative Spirit for October--
Congratulations Nancy! And thank you to everyone
who played along--it was awesome seeing all of your work!!
(What I do at the end of the challenge is to gather all the names
and pick one at random, so that's how the winner is chosen.)


A Vintage Chic said...

What a beautiful day you had! And congratulations to the lucky winner, Cindy!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening, my friend!


Donna said...

Hi Cindy,
Congrats to Nancy! I am glad you and your hubby are having a great time, love your photos! Nothing like a great beach vacation to sooth the soul!!

Donnie said...

Don is retired out of the Coast Guard so we stayed at the Fam Camp there at Dauphin Island in 2001 or 2. There was a Big storm coming in so they evacuated us. I'd love to go back someday. It sure looked pretty. Glad you had a good time.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Cindy stopped by to see if I could find your quilt square that you and your darling worked on:)
I must be looking at the wrong thing, I just cannot find where you posted it...Oh well I have enjoyed everything else I have seen on your postings:)
Sooo creative you are, and the ocean looks so peaceful! envy!! in a good way!

Michele said...

i also love the beach. so glad you got to play in the sand! be well. xo

Incipient Wings said...

Hi cindy,
looks like you two are having fun!
and congratulations to Nancy!
have a great night.

Cheryl said...

oh wow hun looks like you are having the most amazing time,that beach is just so beautiful just like you,and your hubbie hes cute,he he hugs cheryl xxx

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats to Nancy! It looks like you had a nice day for the beach, Cindy!

Nancy Y said...

Hi Cindy,

I hope you and your husband had a wonderful time! The photos are gorgeous! I am so excited to be Miss Creative Spirit October! Thank you so very much! I'm going to put that lovely badge on my blog right now!
xo Nancy

Terry said...

Congratulations to Nancy! What a beautiful beach! Glad you are having a wonderful time with Hubby! Enjoy!

Netty said...

How great to see you both so well and happy and having a terrific time. Enjoy the rest of the week. Annette x

agypsyangel said...

I am so happy for Nancy, she is one of my dear friends from blogland of course. Hope you have a wonderful day my sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Nance. Love love love the beach!! Hugs. Tammy

PetraB said...

Congratulations Nancy! Cindy, thank you for the pics, it looks wonderful. Have a great week. xx

Jessie said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the awesome beach pics! My toes are longing for the sand and this is a gorgeous time of year to hang out at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you both had a geautiful day. Congrats to Nancy!