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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone~
I want to wish you all a Happy
New Year!!!

My crafting has been in full swing. I hope
yours has too! This is a jar that I created
using images from Shabby Cottage Studio.

As many of you know, I design for the studio and
enjoyed making the jar with this attached tag.

And, of course, I didn't want to forget the lid as
it is "icing on the cake!"

If you would like to make one, you can get images
from Shabby Cottage Studio with which you
can design many different projects...I know that
if you browse through their images, you will
fall in love with them as much as I have.

Happy Creating!
Happy New Year!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Your Creative Groove On

Hi Everyone--

As many of you know, I am the Artist in Residence for Shabby Cottage Studio. I absolutely love their Combo Tag Set, so I used their Paris bicycles tag to create this journal. Right now, there is a big sale going on there, so you might want to go over and stock up on images and supplies that you can use all year long! (This tag is part of a large set that has lots of gorgeous tags in it ready for immediate download after purchase.)

One more thing...If you are the first person to order something from my Etsy shop, you will receive this journal free with your purchase. I am not announcing this in my store, but rather, for my blog friends.

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday time! Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, so this is indeed, a special week for me!



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Give Yourself "The Royal Treatment"

Hi Everyone~
A great deal of planning and work has gone into the
creation of my newest product--an inspiration kit.
It is chock-full of all kinds of tags, embellishments,
and "must-have" elements for creating mixed
media art.

Everything comes on this free silver-toned tray so
that you will "feel like a queen" at your craft table!
(Please click on photo to enlarge.)

If you have decided that 2011 is going to be THE time
for you to get your crafting underway or if you want
to add to an existing collection, you're invited to see this
here: Etsy

Imagine seam binding that has already been crinkled
for you and coffee-stained cheesecloth that is all
ready to use! Graphics have been printed and

There is so much in this kit that it will keep you busy
for days and weeks with the possibilities being endless
for what you can make using it. And when you're
done, you'll have a lovely tray to store all of your
crafting treasures!

I am linking this to The Graphics Fairy!

And to White Wednesday at Faded Charm!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Giveaway Winner!!!

Hi Everyone~

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas!!!
Thank you to those who entered my giveaway...
The winner of this large Victorian garland is
Congratulations, Julie!!!

But, one more thing--as of January 1st, I will be
having another giveaway for a ballet-themed
Victorian garland--so, please be sure to swing
by and enter!

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you
for making my 2010 bright!

Happy Holidays to All of You!

Hi Everyone--
Merry Christmas!!! I just opened Christmas presents
and I wanted to show these treasures! This beautiful
snowflake is from Anna of Frosted Petunias...and
the beautiful fabric tag is from Gail at Shabby
Cottage Studio!
Amazing tags from Cheryl, Anna, and One Heart--
so precious--and I hung them all over the house!!!

I had to show you this too--See the beautiful
flower and music note paper? Gail's tag was
wrapped in this...pure gorgeousness!

I have another thing I wanted to share with you...
For months now, I have been trying to get
snow on my blog (to no avail.) Anna's has tried
to help me with it for months, so when she
sent the beautiful snowflake, she said, "Since
we can't get you the snow, I had to make a
snowflake!" It will always have special
meaning to me!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

What's Christmas without Christmas

And lots of love!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Shenanigans

Hi Everyone--
I hope you're enjoying the holidays! Ralph, Jenny,
and I got pics tonight for Christmas...

Here's Jen in front of the tree...

And in the kitchen getting ready to have some coffee
to wake her up again after some shopping today.

Jen and I had a "Girl's Day" at the!
and some last-minute it--
barely a person in the store--lucky or what?

Hope you're having an awesome holiday!!!!

Jen's Here and Christmas Trees Are Being Decorated!

Hi Everyone--
I hope you're enjoying the holidays. My daughter
Jenny just arrived last night--yeah!!!

I have been busy decorating
miniature trees. This is
"Joyeux Noel."

Notice the white dove perched
on one of the branches.

Here's the top of "The Gingerbread Tree."

Nutcracker tree topper.

Here's my tree that is a tribute to the New Orleans'

It's decorated in black and gold. Go Saints!

These are all gifts--so we're off going to deliver them!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still Wrapping!!!

Here's Jamie and I taking a break from gift-wrapping!

Hi Everyone--

Well, it seems that the more gifts I wrap, I keep finding things I forgot I bought.

(I do that every year because I hide things too well!)

I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season and I’m jumping for

joy because my daughter is coming for Christmas!

I’m also excited because the present I ordered for my husband didn’t look like it would make it here in time, but it arrived yesterday--yay!! (I ordered it before Thanksgiving, but it was sent internationally, hence, the delay.)

Well, I’ve got a neat story to tell you. The other day, I went online and visited my good friend Donna’s blog...She had on the most GORGEOUS hat on her blog...If you miss it, you’re really missing out because it’s fantastic and she looks so beautiful in it...

Anyway, we have unexpected company coming for Christmas, so I decided to make the little girl who is visiting a cap with a flower on the side of the brim. I started to make it and was not having lots of luck. I can do it...I just don’t like the process!

So, my husband said, “Give me that loom--I’ll make it!” He didn’t only make 1, he made 3!!! And then, he asked, “Do you want one?” Of course, that sent me scrambling for my yarn upstairs!

I found my favorite one, he made it, and then I crocheted a flower and put coffee-stained cheese cloth on it so it looks vintage...I couldn’t wait to show you his creation!!

Oh--and one more thing...My apologies that my house isn’t Shabby Chic with all pink! But, I love Christmas colors...No, let me re-phrase that--I wait to see Christmas colors not only at home, but all around the city! I think it is the happiest time of year!

My Christmas giveaway is still in full-swing, so if you haven't signed up to enter, just scoot down to the next post.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Day Giveaway

Hi Everyone--
I am having a Christmas Day giveaway--so, leave a
comment here to enter for a chance to be the winner
of this Victorian style garland. The winner will be chosen
at random on Christmas!! (ho ho ho)

Also, I'm very excited to show you my brand new creations!
Whimsical Bird Tray

Elegant Paris Tray

The trays have JUST gone into my Etsy store! If you
would like to see a larger picture, just click on
the image.

I am linking this up to The Graphics Fairy!!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss Creative Spirit December

Hi Everyone--
As many of you know, because this is such a busy time of year, I did not hold the Creative Spirit contest for December.

However, the awesome Anna of Frosted Petunias didn't know that and she submitted an entry.

So, I decided to crown her Miss Creative Spirit December as she had made a beautiful piece and went through all the work of making it and posting it on her blog.

I guess Christmas is full of surprises after all, isn't it?

Now, I will have the Creative Spirit contest for the new year on January, you might want to mark your new calendars if you get them for Christmas.

Congratulations, Anna!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Blessings of the Season

I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season and hoping that the angels are blessing you as you enjoy the holidays.

This is a time of year when I get so caught up in memories--memories of Christmases past...Times when I was little and couldn't wait for Santa Claus...Times of remembering my children waiting for him too.

I remember when my daughter, Jenny was 3 years old. She sat in the wing back chair in the living room and I asked what she was doing. It was midnight, she was dressed for bed, and our Christmas Eve company had left. She said, "I'm sleeping right in this chair so I won't miss Santa when he comes down the chimney!"

A few minutes later, she was asleep...Luckily, she stayed asleep so she didn't see Santa bring the gifts for her...Instead, she woke up to surprises that were a sink and stove (I was hoping she'd be a Domestic Goddess, I guess!) and a Cabbage Patch Kid named Josie Genevieve. I can't remember what else Santa brought, but I remember the sink and stove because he didn't put it together...That Christmas Day, my niece Tiffany and I put it together...

To say the least, Jenny loved it...But, like her mother, she is not one to want to cook and be in the kitchen...I wonder if it's because she didn't see Santa...or if it just runs in the family! lol

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

The Kindness of Friends

I have been blessed by the kindness of so many friends who have surprised me with their friendship--and lovely gifts that came in the mail this week!

It gave me a chance to do some digital scrap booking so I could share it with all of you.

Donna sent a completely amazing art kit, an antique Victorian ornament, and the most beautiful Christmas bulb that she made (I wish you could see it in person) went immediately on my tree!

Dore sent me this gorgeous wall hanging made from a vintage is so went promptly on my wall!
Kim sent this exquisite vintage went directly into my purse!

Lynn sent this gorgeous angel tag with a precious pin attached that she made for me to wear...the pin went right onto my sweater!

It’s not even Christmas yet and I am so blessed with these lovely surprises and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. More than that, I am grateful for their friendship and the friendship of so many of means more than words can say.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi Everyone~
Wishing you all a Happy Pink Saturday! For this
occasion, I wanted to share my "Pink Angels"
tussie mussie...this one and more are available
in my Etsy shop.

We were also asked to share our favorite Christmas
movie--mine is Miracle on 34th Street. So

I hope you're all having a great weekend~and if you haven't
seen the little "Christmas tour" of my home (plus tutorials)
I hope you also scroll down to the next post.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Victorian Christmas

Welcome to our home~No, it's not snowing here, but
I thought I would add a little of the "frosty stuff" to
put you in the holiday spirit!

A small caroler greets you at the door.

A vintage English chamber pot provides a perfect
spot to display some tussie mussies.

All of the packages are wrapped in burlap,
tied with twine and have tulle fabric tucked
inside to add a touch of whimsy. Handmade
flowers adorn each package.

A CD brings Christmas cheer. Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio
has amazing vintage graphics to create it with too. If you haven’t
visited there, you will love it! I created a complete tutorial to show
you how to make one! It is here.

What would a vintage Christmas be without a “Paris Rose” Marie Antoinette-style shoe? It can be used to decorate any home all year long.

A treasured horse from Italy is surrounded by snow globes and
magical fairies. My daughter has given these to me every
Christmas for the past 17 years.

A girl can never have too many shoes! If you would like to see a tutorial, it is on Terri’s blog here. All the shoes pictured are available in my Etsy shop along with the tussie mussies.

A large wicker buggy seemed an ideal spot to make the tussie

mussies feel at home too.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season!



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exciting News to Share!

I have some exciting news! Last week, I entered a contest at The French Cupboard--and I won my own shop on this amazing blog! Of course, I haven't created it yet, but I will be doing it this week.

This is a division of the equally awesome blog, Counting Your Blessings...Every time I visit there, I am awestruck. So, it is amazing to be part of such an exciting group of creative people.

There is a blog party there this week and it is anything "Black and White," so I have just created this digital piece. And, of course, I thought of it because I wanted all of you who visit my blog to feel welcome!

So, I not only invite you for a virtual cup of coffee, but more important, I hope you are enjoying the holidays and counting your blessings at this beautiful time of year!

If you would like to link up, just go to: The French Cupboard
A special "thank you" to Polly, not only for this special opportunity, but also, for your immense help with making this possible!

To those of you who are my customers, I have my Etsy shop (located on my left sidebar) and soon you will have an additional place to shop for goodies! (Shhh...don't tell the guys! lol.)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Seaside Dreams" Garland With Tutorial

This “Seaside Dreams” garland was created for a friend of mine--Debbie at Love of the Sea. If you love the beach, then you’ll love visiting her blog!

I used coordinating paper in beige and light sage green with 2 separate patterns--one is striped and the other is a small plaid. It worked perfectly for a “beach-themed” piece. Click on each picture to see more detail.

If you’ve got an entire day to devote to making one, they’re really fun! Here are the directions.

  1. Cut out tags the size you would like (mine are large.) Back them with card stock.
  2. Choose and print out graphics that you want to use. (Mine were all done in sepia.)
  3. Decorate the tags and lay out the design. (This part is what takes the longest.)
  4. Punch a hole at the top of each tag and put ribbon through it. (I used beige organza.)
  5. Use clothespins to attach to long ribbon--you’re done! (I also added tulle fabric.)

A close up of the center tag.

Notice the tag on the far right--there is a small
glass bottle with sand in it, burlap, coffee-stained
cheesecloth, and a shell.

More tags

Here are some of my beach-themed Tussie Mussies.

Available in my Etsy shop.

I am linking this up to The Graphics Fairy