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Friday, December 30, 2011


As this year comes to a close and a new one begins, I would like to thank ALL of you for your friendship.

I would like to thank you for being so supportive of my books on Amazon.

I am hoping that 2012 will be a super-fun year of blogging for all of you!!!

I was planning a giveaway to begin on New Year’s Day. But, I have decided to start it early. It is for this precious pink shoe~One winner will be chosen randomly to win it and will be announced on January 10.

When I read about the challenge at Simon Says, I knew that I wanted to enter this repurposed shoe for their theme "Something Old/Something New."

What do you need to do to enter?

Just say “I’m in!” That’s it!

If you would like to include a button on your sidebar, that would be awesome, but not required.

Eiffel Tower Image from The Graphics Fairy.

My precious friend Holly has a very special event planned for this year--It is called A Year of Hope. If you would like to go see this awesome FREE offer, head over to her blog by clicking HERE at 2911 Jeremiah Avenue.


Happy New Year!

Love & hugs,


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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Goodies in My Mail

Remember I told you that I wasn't quite finished posting Christmas gifts from awesome blog friends? Well, imagine my surprise when this package came from Mary of Hope-filled Living Magazine...not only awesome crafting items, but also, a gorgeous turquoise pashmina that I wore with my outfit on my anniversary!

And this beautiful card and precious metal ornament from Dorthe of Den Lille Lade all the way from Denmark~It is so detailed and intricate!

And this beautiful Christmas card from Kathy at Kathy Maximo...

And this precious tag from Lynn at Trash to Treasure~

Thank you to all of you!! You are so special to me, as are all my blogging friends.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday week!!!


Gingersnap Creations

As so many of you know from the title of my new ebook, mixed media art is my passion--I love creating as do many of you!

Well, imagine my surprise today when I found out that I became a Ginger Gem on Gingersnap Creations--I was sooo excited!

This cigar box created with images from Dezinaworld, as well as many other embellishments is the piece that I entered into the challenge~Imagine my delight when I found out that it is a winning piece--I was so happy!

But, there is a new challenge there and I am submitting this vintage bottle that is a mixed media piece in white because the challenge is to create art in white and/or soft yellow. If you'd like to enter, just go to Gingersnap Creations HERE.

Both of these pieces are in my Etsy store~Thank you to everyone at Gingersnap Creations!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my husband Ralph and my wedding anniversary~We will be out celebrating, so I won't be blogging today!


Image credit: Perry Olsen/Google

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Altered Shoe

If there is one thing I have learned through doing mixed media art it's that if I have an idea for something, I may have to wait to find JUST the right article I want to work on...Such is the case with this shoe that I just completed for my good friend, Velma. It is a little girl's Capezio tap shoe! This piece is entitled "Life is a Dance" and the theme fits Velma so perfectly.

If you notice, there's an angel inside on a card~Velma is one of the amazing people in my angel book, Angels at My Door, so I wanted to include that in the shoe to indicate life's blessings. This will be making its way to her this week.

There is someone named Sheridan who needs our prayers right now~I hope that you will scoot down 2 posts to read about his story and pray for him. Thank you all for being such angels!


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How to Blog: Blogging 101--A Free Seminar!

With the New Year upon us, I know that many of you have plans to grow your blogs. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Make a point to visit others--especially if they are new to your blog.

2. Check to make sure that your word verification is off. If you want to get rid of it, go HERE.

3. If you are close to reaching a goal number of followers, don't be afraid to ask fellow bloggers to help you out...(Do it in an email to one or two people and ask if they wouldn't mind sending some friends over to follow.)

4. Make sure that your followers list is near the top of your sidebar--People will NOT spend the time to hunt for it.

5. Remember that EACH time you leave a comment on a blog, you are creating a very important BACKLINK!!! So be sure to leave a comment, even if it says "Awesome!"

My Blogging 101 seminar is posted at the top of my blog and if you have not taken it, it can be very helpful. At this point, it has been attended by over 1500 people!

I have gotten so many emails from people who have seen their blogs grow leaps and bounds since they took the class...I am so happy to know that it has made such a difference.

I wish you a fabulous Blogging Journey in 2012!!!!

There is a young man named Sheridan who needs our prayers--the post is down below, so if you have not seen it, please take a look~thank you so much.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Calling All Angels

Please take this button or the smaller one from my sidebar.

Many of you may recall that Marti of Arty Marti was the winner of my Christmas Day giveaway--Well, when I hadn't heard from Marti, I was concerned...

As it turned out, my concern was warranted...On Christmas Eve, Marti's 20-year-old grandson Sheridan was in a serious car accident....Marti spent her entire Christmas at the hospital and Sheridan spent his in surgery.

I am asking all my angel friend bloggers to please say a prayer for this young man that he may be healed completely...Thank you so much. I hope and pray that he will be restored to health soon. This is a photo of Sheridan when he was on the beach in Hawaii, although he lives on the mainland here in the U.S.

I hope that you will scoot down the page to see my Christmas surprises as my dear friends worked so hard to make these exquisite creations that arrived for Christmas Day. They are in 2 separate posts.


Blogging Love from Around the World

Hi Everyone~I hope that you all had a beautiful Christmas~This is just a sample of some of the packages that arrived at my door from my precious blogging friends--I love you all.

I have had to do this in more than one post and just trying to show you some highlights as I could not possibly get it all in here...So when you read this post, please skip down to the one before it as these posts go together...

A gorgeous handmade card from Cheryl at Cheryl's Creative Cards.

Precious angel wings from Ros at Mikey's Mom.

I used Ros' photos as I love how she captured this beautiful treasure~

A gorgeous hour glass from Dore of Burlap Luxe...

This hand-blown glass is so delicate. This large piece is now sitting on my hutch in my family room.

A card from June at Junibears Jottings....

A surprise gift package from Elaine from At Home With Elaine.

A beautiful handmade card from Zoe of Zoe Chaos.

A gorgeous tag that Zoe made for me...

This stunning collage from Zoe at Zoe Chaos.

And this handmade heart necklace from Zoe.

I have made a post prior to this and will be adding all the links!! I just wanted to get my pictures up first.

Thank you all so much!!!


Christmas Gifts and Cards from Around the World

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!!! Here are just some of the packages that arrived at my house from my blogger friends...I spent Christmas Day trying to get as many pictures as I could, so this will have to be done in more than one post as a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent such beautiful cards and gifts my way....

Here are a few of them...

And another look....

Some special cards from:

A tag from Terry at Terry 2 Dogs

A sign for my kitchen from my friend Velma

A package that arrived from Susan from Art of Mine

And this precious handcrafted heart that was inside the package from Susan.

A beautiful collage from Donna at GG's Creative Corner...

A beautiful tablet from Ros at Mikey's Mom

A hand-sewn card from Sherry at Createology

This adorable hand-sewn stocking from Sharon at Pansy Cottage Garden

This adorable tag from Myric at Petites Passions with a dangling Eiffel Tower charm.

This adorable collage from Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces.

This beautiful collage from Linda at Random Creativity.

This precious tag from Ira at Ira's Creacorner

This beautiful heart collage from Giselle at Super Snook's 13.

This beautiful collage from Gayle at A Stamper's Touch. It even came with a gorgeous stand that it is now nestled in, but it is not pictured here.

And the gorgeous sleeve from Gayle~

And these adorable socks from Marcia with candies to match!!! And there was a beautiful snow flake card with snow inside that accompanied it!

This adorable tag and ornament from Daniella at Daniella Hayes

This beautiful card from Diane at 1 Card Creator

This precious card from Carol of Scrappydayz.

This beautiful card from Danice at Homespun Hannah.

Thank you all so much! I will be posting more--Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday week! I am still creating links--I just have to get them all!!