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How To Purchase My EBooks

I currently have several ebooks available through Amazon.
If you would like to be taken directly to each book, just click on the names of them.   No need to own a Kindle to read one--just grab a free app from Amazon--You can read them on your computer.  If you click on the name "Amazon," it will take you DIRECTLY to the app. page for download. 

This book will take you into the lives of "super-bloggers."  Find out how they "grew their blogs" and be inspired by their success stories.

This book is about everyday people who have encountered miracles.  Learn how to recognize "hugs from heaven" in your own life, as well as be inspired by hearing amazing stories about the power of prayer.

Beach Cottage Decor is popular for a reason--It is so inviting and makes people feel right at home.  This book is filled with clever decorating ideas that you can even do yourself!

If you have ever wanted to create mixed media art and would like some inspiration, this book is chock-full of fabulous ideas not only for art projects, but also for where you can buy materials at a fraction of the cost to get your creative groove on!

This book will take you on a journey through hearing about modern-day spiritual encounters.  Story after story will show you how loved ones who have passed on and also angels can touch our lives even when we least expect it.

If you are a woman who blogs or has ever thought about blogging, this super-short book can help give you ideas on what to blog about and tell you about the perks of having your own blog.  It's fun, light, and non-technical!

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from blogging.  Men enjoy it too.  If you are a man, read about all kinds of ideas to start a blog of your own. Hear about men who already have successful blog--and having a great time with them!

This book can show you how to make meaningful blog posts time and again, get followers interested in what you have to say, and truly "blog from the heart" to reach others through your own inspiring posts.  Non-technical and purely for inspiration!

There's no better time to begin blogging than when someone is planning for a wedding.  It's fun, creative, and you can have all your friends and family enjoy all the important steps leading up to your Special Day.