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"Blogging gives women a voice."  It can be a powerful tool both personally and professionally.

Blogging is fabulous journey filled with wonder.  You can meet lots of new people while sharing your experiences and talents.  This seminar was created to put all new bloggers at ease.

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The first thing that most women want to know is how to get traffic to their blogs.  Here are 2 important methods.  
  1. Visit other blogs, leave a comment, and become a follower.
    2.  Join blog parties.  I have a list on my left sidebar of fabulous parties!  Debbie of Debbie Doos’s has a Newbie party--It is on Mondays.  You won’t want to miss it.  The link is on my left sidebar.  Also, if you click her button on this page (up above) it will take you right to her blog.
The first thing you need is a blog button for your blog.  This is super important as people can grab yours and post it on their blogs so that they can drive traffic to your blog.
If you need to know how to insert a blog button, just go to my blogging tutorials page and easy instructions are there.  
IMPORTANT:  When you visit a blog you like, just grab their button and post it to your own blog with a link back to them.  This will also serve to give you more exposure.
Make sure that your blog header and button reflect your interests.  In this way, new visitors will usually understand immediately what you are all about.  If you enjoy cooking, have pictures on your header of your favorite dishes....You get the picture!  A blog header is like a “calling card” because it is the first thing that people see when they arrive at your special space.
Here are some examples of blog buttons that reflect the owners' interests.  If you click on their buttons, you can also visit them, follow, and leave a message.  Hooray--You can immediately meet people! 

If you are serious about blogging, you will want to take attractive pictures with ample lighting.  The best ones are captured outside.  I literally have a studio set up on my back porch with various fabrics, vintage chairs and suitcases to be captured in the best light possible.
True Story:  One day someone from a magazine needed some pictures from me that were for a tutorial.  The art project that I had done was created on my kitchen counter.  I was so lucky because my husband came up with a great idea!!  We had an extra piece of granite from when our counter was made.  He took it out to the back porch.  I put the art on top of it and starting photographing.  It appeared as if the whole process transpired in my kitchen instead of outside!
If you are to advance further in your blogging, you will want to make friends from the get-go.  If you meet someone who is beginning just like you are, you will have much to talk about!  You can help each other through the journey.


People who blog do the best they can to keep up with blog visits.  Try to make comments on their blogs only because most people do not have a time to answer emails unless it is for a specific question.  Naturally, if it is regarding a private matter, email is the way to do it, but people cannot possibly keep up with 100s of emails, PLUS blogging each day.

Everyone comes into blogging at her own pace and skill level.  For that reason, it is a good idea to set up a “computer day” with someone that you know.  This can save you hours, perhaps weeks’ of time.  I have a VERY helpful tutorial page at the top of this blog for many things you may need, such as inserting a blog button.
I would suggest having your computer handy and meeting with someone to ask questions about various tasks, such as “grabbing someone’s button to save it to your desktop.”  Naturally, if someone has done it, then it becomes second-nature to them, however, it may be difficult for them to explain in a tutorial or even over the phone.
So, if you could write a list of questions down, then you would know what to ask if you meet a friend who could be more computer-savvy and the person does not not necessarily need to be a blogger.


When you first become a blogger, you may not have a great deal of traffic to your blog, however, it will grow over time.  So, if you put ads on your blog right away and someone clicks on your ad, you will benefit.

We all get busy and cannot possibly blog 24/7, however, if you are make a post and then disappear for 2 weeks, you run the risk of losing the following you have.  So, if you post at least a couple of times a week, that will keep you active in other people’s minds.  The better the chances that they will come to visit you!

Please be sure to bookmark this page so that you will know how to get back to it.

Thanks so much for visiting!!!  If you leave me a message on my first post, I will be sure to pop over and become a follower on your blog!