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"Calling All Angels" Seminar

Angels at My Door
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"Calling All Angels" Seminar

I have just written an  ebook called Angels at My Door~and it was an amazing experience.  

If you would like to glance inside the book, just go HERE.

So far, emails I have received said, “I couldn’t put it down” to “I was going to glance at it, but had to stay up until 4:30 to finish it.”  Yes, the stories in the book are truly that compelling.

We live at a time when we hear about people losing their homes, facing chemotherapy, even dealing with issues of unemployment that have lasted for months on end...

This is a time like no other that we can surely appreciate the appearance of angels or to be able to hear from those we love who have passed on.
I have personally experienced numerous miracles in my lifetime, as have many of you, I am sure.  But, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to be more aware of them when they are happening?  Often, they are ignored.  

So how can someone become more aware?  By being in touch with the spiritual part of themselves.
These lessons are to be done one week at a time--in order.
They transpire over 7 weeks’ time.  I call them "Flying Lessons" because I am hopeful that they will help your spirit soar.

Very Important:  If you need to modify any of these lessons to fit your own time constraints, feel free to do so.  These are only guidelines.

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You do not need to purchase the book to take this seminar. 

However, if you would like to read these amazing accounts, but don't own a Kindle, you can download a free App. from AMAZON to read the book on your computer.  

(If you click where Amazon is typed up above in all caps, it is a DIRECT link to the free download.)  You can download the app. first and then, you can pay for the book and download it.  
                                     Flying Lessons

Lesson 1:  1st week
I have found that one of the most beneficial steps that someone can take is to make a commitment--to spend just 10 minutes a day being quiet and either meditate or pray.  
This is about finding your own center.  This is a chance to express thanks...It is a time to feel surrounded in love.
This 10 minutes can make the difference in your entire day.

Lesson 2: 2nd week
Choose 2 of your favorite inspirational sentences....Write them down and put them in a place where you can see them every day.  You can use any inspirational book that speaks to you personally.  

Lesson 3: 3rd week

Briefly, write down all the times that you have experienced an intervention, angel visitation, or heard from a loved one who has passed on.  You may be surprised by all the times that these have occurred.  We often forget about them or brush them aside.  You may want to keep these in a special journal.
By the end of this week, pay particular attention to your dreams...

Lesson 4: 4th week

Try to live ONE week in a “state of gratefulness.”  This is not easy for everyone.  But, try it one day at a time nonetheless...If done effectively, it can certainly bring about a heightened awareness of what is happening in your own life.
Have you ever known someone who does nothing but complain?  Are you in close contact with such a person?  If so, no doubt, you will really need to do this spiritual exercise because it is easy to lose the ability to hear your own voice if that negativity is around you.

Lesson 5: 5th week

Do something nice for someone who would least expect it.  You can send a card, gift, even an email--whatever you like.  It's not about the cost--it is all about your intention of spreading happiness and encouragement.

Lesson 6: 6th week

Make a list of the people whom you would like to pray for.  You can write a brief statement of what you are praying about and keep it in a safe place.  (I keep mine inside my Bible, but you can keep yours anywhere.)

Lesson 7:  7th week

Find a "prayer partner" to pray with on the phone for one week.  It is amazing how you can lift each other’s spirits up.  This conversation should be BRIEF and for prayer only--not chit chat or complaints.  It is for prayer.  One of you can pray and then, switch off the next day and let the other person pray.  If you can both find 5 minutes in your day, this can be extremely beneficial.