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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome to Valley Meadows

Welcome to the community of Valley Meadows~In this latest series of books, readers are taken on a journey through the lives of Hailey, Nellie, and Savannah. If you are looking for an entertaining summer read, Hailey's Heart--a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story--will capture your heart.
Nellie's husband is a youth pastor. The newlyweds embark on a new life together only to deepen their faith, hope, and love in the process.
Savannah is a determined young woman who reaches out to touch the lives of those around her in a meaningful way. She is a person who believes that dreams really can come true and affects a positive change in those around her. But, when a young child goes missing, Savannah is pivoted into a drama that she does not expect. These books were written for the young and young at heart as there is no age limit on the ability to love! Available on Amazon~ If you would like to see videos about these books, just go to: xo Cindy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Awesome News!!!

I've got some awesome news~Mixed Media Art: Living Your Passion is #1 on the Bestseller's List for Mixed Media on Amazon! And, more exciting stuff--I just received a brand-new copy of Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine--Summer 2012--and I am featured in it! Doing the happy dance here! XO Cindy

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Valley Meadows Series--Christian Fiction

A love story you won't forget! Hailey is a beautiful, high-spirited cheerleader has just entered her senior year of high school in Valley Meadows, Texas. She is the daughter of a pastor. Hailey meets the young, good-looking Josh in class and he immediately steals her heart. This is their story--a modern-day Romeo and Juliet...There is a mother who is gone to soon....A father who wants to keep the young couple apart...A friend who enlists in the military and finds faith...A mission trip to Mexico that brings hope to many. Will life ever be the same? Experience it all first-hand. Take the journey....into Hailey’s heart.
James and Nellie are newlyweds who have it all...moving from California to Texas to begin their new life together until a tornado appears that will change things forever. In the meantime, young love blossoms for Shane and Savannah. A non-profit foundation for children signifies a dream coming true...A home with a porch swing begins a shared hope...A trip to Rome is unforgettable bringing a New Year’s Eve of memories that will last a lifetime...A sailboat ride will change a couple’s life...An essay contest makes someone reveal the truth...while yet another secret emerges...Read their stories. Be part of their memories. There is one more in the series, Savannah's Wish, which was just released! Visit my new blog at to see the professional videos!!! Ebooks available on Amazon~ Hailey's Heart Nellie's Gift Linking this to: Pink Saturday Spiritual Sunday

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fire and Ice: A Paranormal Romance

Billy Alfonso is a young shrimper from Louisiana. His girlfriend, Jessie, was swept away in the Gulf of Mexico during a squall four years ago, or so he believes. Her body was never found. No matter what he does, he cannot erase her from his memory. Is she still out there alive somewhere? The beautiful Sarah appears from Texas. She knows more about Jessie than Billy can imagine and claims that the insights about the young woman come through her dreams. Should he believe the long-legged beauty or not? Soon, Billy and Sarah are catapulted into a world of intrigue that has them toggling between bayou country and the French Quarter to find the answers. The entire time, it is as if Fate is directing their steps. This is my newest book on Amazon! XO Cindy Linking this to Myric's Passion Parade!