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"Blogging for Business" Seminar

Welcome to Blogging for Business:  A Practical Guide for Today's Modern Woman.  I am so happy that you are here.  If you would like to have a blog button of this seminar for your blog, feel free to grab it--More women will become inspired by one simple, selfless act.

Breaking the Rules

I had an extensive meeting the other day with a marketing expert who flat-out advised me to discontinue my online seminars.  He said that I gave out too much free information and should be charging a ridiculous price for them.

Since I have an independent streak, I decided to continue because like I told him, "Many women need them and I want to give them the information."  So, here goes.....and I hope this will be just what you need to motivate you.

Class 1:  Like so many other women around the world, I enjoy blogging immensely, so much so that I wrote 2 books about it... If you don't own a Kindle, you can also read them on your computer by using a free app. from Amazon. You can download it HERE. It's easy-peasy!

So many savvy women have learned that blogging is not only great for making friends, but also for jump-starting their at-home businesses. In fact, when I began blogging I was already an artist...I had no idea that I would be making contacts for work through my blog--but I did! It is because of blogging that my work is now in art galleries.
See, I think that there is something that is very special about people--Most people LOVE to help others. I have found that bloggers definitely do! They are encouragers. If one woman finds something that works, she lets the next person know and so on and so on...It provides a circle of support for our wishes, hopes, and dreams.
Yes, I am a big dreamer. And I think we have to think BIG for things to begin to happen in our lives....I think that blogging is an immense step in the right direction. That's why I wrote about it...That's why I shared my heart.

Have a Blog?  Work It!
If you want to start a business from home, you can definitely do it through blogging. I had been blogging for 6 months when 3 friends wrote and said, "Cindy, you need to open a shop!" I didn't want to....I don't even remember why, but I didn't want to do it. But, Donna of My Shabby Chateau, Dore of Burlap Luxe and Linda of Itsy Bits and Pieces said, "You should do it." And they all helped! A million emails flew back and forth. I didn't even know how to insert a header for my store...I was totally lost and they helped me find my way.
I think that when we step out in faith, we can do anything. It all starts with belief....So, think BIG and grow your business. And while you do, just blog about it. You have something that someone else wants....and when you are in touch with that, your business will blossom!

Maybe you create something that you would like to market. By all means, open a store!  

Or perhaps you just want to enjoy your blog and place ads on it!   I think that Google Adsense is THE most exciting opportunity out there for bloggers.  Each time someone clicks an ad on your blog, you will make money!   It can add up fast. 

When I visit blogs, I always make a point to look at the ads that are posted.  I discover ideas, stores, and products that I might not have heard of any other way.  Often they are right underneath a post or on a sidebar.  (You will notice that there is one underneath all of my posts and at the bottom of this seminar page.)

Blogging Fun

More than anything, have FUN because your enthusiasm is what will draw people to you. Invest in a good camera. Take awesome pictures. Share them. Before long, you will start to look at the world differently. You'll start to think, "Oh wow, I should get a picture of that and blog about it!"
Be sincere. That is the most wonderful thing about blogging: It lets us be ourselves. And it's just like a party~Soon you will find that you are drawn to certain people and others are drawn to you. All along if you are yourself, then you will find people who enjoy what you do....and those will be the same people who will probably get excited if you make a pillow to sell...and they will know you, so it will mean even more to them to own it.
Imagine that you went into an art gallery one day and saw all kinds of art...But, standing over in the corner was an artist, one whose work was displayed and you got to talk to that person and ask questions. Just by virtue of the fact that you talked to the artist and had a PERSONAL CONNECTION, you would be more likely to buy his or her art more than someone else's. It's just human nature.

So, as you blog and people get to know you and establish connections, this can be very helpful if you decide to open an online shop. Others can tweet about you or put your items on Facebook...It is all about getting yourself "out there" and soon you will see that this is something you can do!  (Make sure to put a Twitter button on your sidebar so that people can join you there.)

Class 2:  Provide Tutorials
When women are considering starting their own online businesses, sometimes uncharted waters can be a little daunting...So, why not try something different?
You could create a special tutorial blog!  How would that be done exactly?
Well, let’s say, for instance, that you have a knack for home decorating.  You could easily take pictures of different projects and post them....At the same time, you can let others know how to replicate your designs for their own homes.  

Then, you can run ads on your blog--monetize it--and make money while having a good time.  Every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you will make a profit.  How simple is that?
If you have an existing blog, you could place your tutorials there.  Dee at A Lapin Life shares amazing tutorials often and they are extremely helpful.  You could also set up a separate blog with a link to it from your original one.  Make sure to put the word “tutorial” in your title so that if people are looking for homemaking tutorials they will be able to find you more easily.
Also, put it in your tags at the bottom of your blog post.

Class 3:  Create Your Opportunities
I have a story that I want to share with you.  Years ago, I had my own children’s music label and performed in concerts all over the country.  I was a voting member of the Grammy Awards.  My first album was made into a kareoke program for Tandy Corporation and there were graphics to accompany the songs for the children to sing along...Imagine my excitement when I walked into Radio Shack and heard my songs and saw all of them animated on a computer~I thought I’d faint!
This was only one of many amazing experiences.  One day, I got an idea to call a local radio station to be interviewed and have my music played.  A few weeks earlier, I had sent them a promo package, but I had not heard anything from them, so I phoned.  I was basically told that one day if they could feature me, they would.  (I thought, “Hmmm, I won’t hold my breath for that to happen!”)  

The next morning, I received a call from that same man who headed the show.  As it turned out, a famous movie star (one that probably everyone on the planet knows about) could not make it in the next day and had to cancel the on-air interview.  But, because I had spoken to the man the day before, I popped into his head and I went on the show!
However, there is more to this story....About a year later, I wanted to become an ASCAP publisher...But, that was not possible unless my music had received radio airplay...Guess what?  It had!  

So, I was able to become an ASCAP publisher basically because of being assertive a year before.  My music was later played in numerous venues, including on the airlines for in-flight programming.  If I had not followed up on that one radio show, none of that would have happened.
So, if you have decided to follow your dream of having a business, don’t give up!  You never know what can happen when you believe in yourself.

Class 4:  Make Connections
If you want to function in the business world, even in an online business, you need to network.  Look forward to opportunities and seize them when they present themselves.

Maybe you are new to blogging.  Maybe you are still trying to figure out how to insert a blog button.  Don’t let that stop you.  Spend some time to get familiar with technicalities that you need to learn--and proceed.
Let’s face it.  You need to have the right tools in your toolbox before you can succeed.  But, do you know what your greatest tool is?  Your greatest tool is YOURSELF and what you have to offer to others.  So, how do you make connections?  Say hello.  Be yourself and let people gravitate toward you.
If you can ever be of help to someone, by all means--do it.  It will come back to you, maybe not through them, but sometimes even through others.  

HOW can you be helpful?  If you merely insert a person’s blog button on your blog or feature them, that is a concrete way of making a connection.  Best of all--it will make you FEEL GOOD.  After all, who can pursue their dream without spreading goodness?
Network with anyone and everyone.  If you see people who are successful, take a look at why that is.  Notice what they are doing on their blogs.  If you are looking at various blogs, you will automatically be drawn to some and not to others....So, go back to the ones that you feel an affinity toward and ask yourself what it is about them that you enjoy.  
Can I tell you what appeals to me personally?  Friendliness “sells” me on a blog.  If someone is cold, I do not go back.  So, be friendly.  Become a follower and leave a comment.  That is the best place to start.  Even if you do not have a blog, you can still become a follower and leave a comment on blogs that you visit.

Class 5:  Learn, Learn, Learn!
I have spoken with many physicians who have told me that one thing that their medical school education did not teach them was how to start their practices.  Can you imagine?  Well, it is true.
So, if you are interested in starting an at-home business, equip yourself with information.  Information is powerful and can help you begin to realize even more success.
I am a huge Twitter advocate and through that you will come in contact with all kinds of people who are doing amazing things.  You can learn from them and it will widen your horizons.  

Class 6:  Take a Break
Taking a break may sound like advice that is juxtaposed to success, but it is not.  You need a chance to charge your inner batteries and re-group.  A day in nature--or shopping--can work wonders.  (You can even blog about it later!)
There will be some times or seasons that will be busier than others, so when you have a chance to grab some personal moments for yourself, go ahead and experience them.  
Class 7:  Be Persistent 

I have a little Maltese named Jamie.  He is as cute as a button and lovable as can be.  However, very early on, Jamie learned a trick.  If he wanted something, he would go scratch on the nearest basket or bag until he got what he wanted.  I could sternly say, “Stop it,” and he paid no attention to me.  But, guess what?  He got what he wanted and he still does!  He is the most persistent little guy and is wrapped right around my heart.  So, be like Jamie--Don’t give up until you get what you want! 

Class 8:  A Place to Start

Like I said, if you want to be successful, look at what others have done to create their success.  Did you think it happened by accident?  No way!  These are some of the most dedicated women.  They inspire.  They help others reach their goals.  They set examples.  And they do it all with such kindness and enthusiasm that it is palpable.  You will definitely want to check out these blogs and websites because not only are the women fabulous, but also, they are immensely helpful.
Sharon at Pansy Cottage Garden not only creates, but also has huge events where people come from all over the U.S. to be inspired.
Debra and Nicole at Capers of the Vintage Vixens have a blog in which Etsy store owners can post their creations for free to be spotlighted each week.
Sharon at Plumrose Lane helps people with blog design--Go take a look because you’ll be swooning.
Debbie at Debbiedoo’s Blogging and Blabbing has a party each Monday for new bloggers--a fabulous place to start and be inspired by her creativity.

Danice at Cedar Street Craft Mall features online stores on her website--It is amazing!

Tracy of Screaming Sardine does completely fabulous features on various artists, crafters, and bloggers on her website.
I wish you luck in all of your endeavors. I wish you JOY in your life and the ability to make your dreams come true.

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