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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays to All of You!

Hi Everyone--
Merry Christmas!!! I just opened Christmas presents
and I wanted to show these treasures! This beautiful
snowflake is from Anna of Frosted Petunias...and
the beautiful fabric tag is from Gail at Shabby
Cottage Studio!
Amazing tags from Cheryl, Anna, and One Heart--
so precious--and I hung them all over the house!!!

I had to show you this too--See the beautiful
flower and music note paper? Gail's tag was
wrapped in this...pure gorgeousness!

I have another thing I wanted to share with you...
For months now, I have been trying to get
snow on my blog (to no avail.) Anna's has tried
to help me with it for months, so when she
sent the beautiful snowflake, she said, "Since
we can't get you the snow, I had to make a
snowflake!" It will always have special
meaning to me!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


The Bear's Blog said...

Blessings, sweet friend. I am so thankful that we met.

All of Us

Donnie said...

Your friends are so creative and I just love all they make you. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Devonay said...

Lovely! It's wonderful to have such talented friends!

Donna said...

What beautiful gifts, Cindy! Aren't bloggers just the best? I love the flower, it's gorgeous! Actually I love everything, the fabric tag is tres magnifique! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady. Cindy I'm so glad your daughter was able to be with you for Christmas. Hope your day was Wonderful.
hugs Lynn

Anonymous said...

Awh, Cindy, I am so proud to have my tag included among those gorgeous works of art your friends make. At first I thought it would be so difficult to make a tag for you because of the amazing work you do--I mean, please, who was I kidding? BUT, I will never forget how much peace I felt as I was making that tag for you. It was like no matter how it would turn out I knew it would be fine because of the friendship and love behind it. I truly enjoyed it. I can see how making one can lead to making more. I made a couple for my friends after yours. I'll share them soon. Have a great day.

Petunia said...

Oh Cindy you're so sweet to include my tag and little frosted snowflake here. I'm glad you liked them and yes, I will always think of you now too when I think of snow!