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Monday, October 8, 2012

Angel Miracles

I would like to announce the publishing of my brand-new ebook "Angel Miracles: Connecting with your Loved Ones in Heaven." It was just released last week and hit the bestseller list on Amazon under dreams within 24 hours! It is filled with stories of miracle encounters. XO Cindy


High Heeled Life said...

Congratulations my friend!!! It will definitely be an inspiring read...xo Blessings, HHL

1CardCreator said...

Congratulations Cindy on the book and the Bestsellers list too!!

Gina said...

A big congratulations Cindy!

Manni said...

Congratulations Cindy!! I'm so happy for you, thats a big accomplishment:) hugs

Unknown said...

Awesome! Congratulations!! :)

Brenda Brooks said...

Congratulations that is great!!! Cindy you have helped me an so many people. XOXO

A Magical Whimsy said...

Okay, dear Cindy
I am way behind...I am going to have to get this book!