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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Heart to Heart Talk

Hi Everyone~

I created this mixed media art by first working on a piece in Photoshop...I used graphics from Scrapgirls and the little girl is from Dezinaworld.

And then, created a collage.

I wanted to post this work today because I believe it contains a special message--inspire. I thought it was important because so many of you inspire me, not only through art, but through your blogging--for each of you has a story to tell.

Sometimes blogging is so “surface” and never gets to anything much deeper. This is definitely not one of those posts.

If you’re in a hurry (and I realize that many people are) then, simply skip over it...I totally understand. But, if you’ve got the time, I have some important things to share with you and it is particularly geared toward my friends on here that are involved in different types of creativity from art to sewing to decorating.

I have met so many of you through art and blogging and not necessarily in that order. But, over the past few months, I have really pondered about something.

Have you ever wondered how it is that so many of us came to do art at the same time? To me, it is like a modern-day Renaissance. A quiet Renaissance at that.

Here are all these women from across the globe creating every day--and let’s admit it--it’s non-stop. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered what’s behind it all?

I think that the reason we create is that it comes from God and that is who is behind and through all of this creativity...

I think we are all Art Sisters...Yes, that’s my term for it. Come on, you know who you are. Yes, I mean you and you and you....

I wrote a letter to my friend Nancy the other night in which I made an analogy. I said that if you look up into the sky and see the stars, it is so beautiful....Well, I think that we are each like one of those stars and contribute to the total picture. That’s why we’re all in this together. I just have this feeling that our creating and blogging is no accident. What do you think?

But, there’s more...

I know that in the old days, women used to sit on the porch and create quilts and talk...In many ways, through the internet, this is our modern day version of it. Because, remember that in the midst of quilting, the women talked and shared. That’s also a part of what made it so meaningful.

So, how are we different than women of those days? We create on our own in our own work spaces and then, we share it. And don’t you think we all need feedback? I think we do! But, not just about art, but life, as well. So, in effect, art is the vehicle that allows us to share what we are feeling.

I have to tell you that there are times I go to a blog and see something beautiful and think, “Oh my gosh, this is totally amazing!” I get so excited. When I see someone make something fabulous, or decorate, or create a tablescape, I am thrilled beyond belief.

For those of us who are artists, I would like for you to consider something important. There is something else that is different about what we create. It doesn’t necessarily hang on a wall in a museum...It is more personal. It goes into people’s homes and homes are definitely the microcosm of existence. So, our art somehow becomes part of people’s lives--and that is powerful! They can look at it every day. Have you ever thought of that before?

One night, I had a dream. This happened a year ago. In it, there were colors that don’t even exist in the waking world. It was as if I was taken to another dimension. But, trust me, I saw it with my own eyes. The colors were vibrant and amazing. The magnificence of it stayed with me for weeks. Maybe you’ve had a similar dream...If you have, please let me know.

When I began creating art, I didn't know that blogging existed. I created alone. But now that I am aware of so much creativity abounds (and often by people who never created before) I wonder how this all came about and what everyone's different stories are.

How did you start doing it? What made you start creating? Was it an outgrowth of something else you had been doing for years?

I know--I'm asking alot of questions, but I'm curious because I think that what is happening is bigger than what we can see on the surface...I wonder if in the future this phenomenon will be viewed as an artistic movement.

To all of you who came to visit my blog, thank you for coming. I would love to hear your feedback. I'm curious. I really am. And it is sincere.




Zoechaos said...

Good morning Cindy, another lovely creation you know just what goes with what and from that comes lovelyness.

Thank you for the insight into you and your wonder at what we have as a movement. I've seen our fellowship as a worldwide movement, worldwide because we have the internet and can share so easily, a lucky time to be. It is a very human thing we are industrious by nature no longer needed to be hunter/gathers making tools etc we still need to make. If you look at some of the wonderful finds from pre-history. Cave paintings, fragments of jewellery, carvings and an imagination to create gods and legends you see we have always tried to reproduce the beauty we see. We do it because we must because we believe in the beauty and want to share it. It is our power our gift to the future and tribute to the past.

sissie said...

Hello Cindy,
I believe that we create to bring beauty into our lives and to share what it is we see in our mind's eye. Whether it be painting a piece of old furntiure and bringing it back to life or creating a lovely collage like the one you are showing us today, no matter how small or large, we create first for ourselves and then to share.

I believe that blogging brings us together with like minds and gives us reassurance that what we create is worthwhile. It also gives us confidence to carry on.

We have God given talents that must never be wasted and always shared.

thank you for saying it all so beautifully and eloquently.


Theresa said...

Good Morning Cindy! I love this post, I had never compared creating and blogging to quilting bees but I think you have something there.
I absolutely believe that creating is a gift from God. I think He gives everyone different gifts and it is up to us to use them. I have been making things for so long now, sometimes for money to help pay bills and sometimes for no reason at all but to just release the creative urge within! I started making art for gifts, everyone in my family knew that at Christmas or their bday, they were getting a piece made by me. I have painted, made calligraphy pieces, sewn, stuffed, repurposed and the list goes on for many years, but in the times when I wasn't making something I didn't feel quite myself. One day, years ago, I said this is a gift that my God has blessed me with, if I do not use it then it is like he gave me a beautifully wrapped present and I gave it back and said "no thanks". How could I do that? So I then and there started making things to help with our finances. I am now a "career" woman, I have no talent in the corporate world, my talent lies in old broken bits and bobs at my kitchen table.
I believe that in our lives when we feel lost or broken when we look at the core of our soul and what we are best at, what spurs us on, whether it's art, sewing, baking, accounting, writing, gardening, whatever it may be, consider it a gift and open it!
Thank you for this post Cindy, you can tell I'm sure that it is very dear to my heart!
love, t. xoxo

Theresa said...

o.k. I meant I am NOT a career woman, what do you think.... freudian slip? LOL xoxo

Anonymous said...

Cindy, wonderful post! I've always wanted and needed to use my creative talents. To do otherwise...what kind of life would that have been! Here's the thing though...and I was talking about it to hubby this morning....for me, it's NOT about me. It's about this NEED I have. I just HAVE to do it. So when people praise ME, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm just using what GOD gave me, not wasting it.'s the other thing...WE ALL HAVE TALENTS!! They're not the same as anybody else's! I feel so sad when people say they aren't talented. Don't believe it! You are!! Maybe you can't paint. But maybe you can cook. Or maybe you're a great speaker, or listener or hugger, or volunteer. Those are talents. Hug yourself, people! Don't think about yourselves in diminishing terms! God didn't make junk!
Thanks for this, Cindy! Great post! Very timely!
Hugs, Diane

La said...

Cindy, I am not one of you amazing creators of beauty, but I just have to tell you that you have an amazing soul. You are like a beacon of light in this blogging world. My visits to your blog and magazine always bring peace to my day. Sending hugs your way, La

NanaDiana said...

I,too, think many of us are sisters of the soul...we are brought together by a force greater than our own and we nourish the inner selves of other souls. I feel blessed to have found so many "soul sisters" here.

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was to sit under the quiling frame when my aunts and cousins came over. They would come over after chores and sit in the living room and laugh, talk, share secrets. I remember the warm sense of comradarie I felt sitting there and knew, even as a child, that those were special moments.

Thank you for sharing yourself today, Cindy! It has been well received! Hugs- Diana

Donna said...

What an awesome post, Cindy! You know, I never really thought about creating and blogging were similar to quilting bees, but you are SO right, they are!! Great insight! I was watching an interview last night of Oprah, and she said that we all needed to find our purpose in life, otherwise, we would just be wandering aimlessly around. Well, my purpose is to create, I think! And I know you would say the same of yourself!
Why do I create? Because I love taking "nothing", and turning it into something beautiful, something that someone will love! And I am happiest when I create, for sure!

Thank you for so beautifully putting this all into words, you are an amazing talent, and a kindred spirit, for sure!!

Barbara Jean said...

Love your newest piece Cindy.

Those questions? It is just a bit too early in the morning for me to think about all that.

I will say I love blogging for some of the same reasons you do.
And I love that through the blogging world, we can share our ideas with so many, and make friends all over the world.
I believe God gave us our creativity, and it is a gift to be shared with others. That is why, when I learn something new, I write it down, so I can share it with others later.
Blessings, and thanks for being such an important part of getting new bloggers and ideas out there.
barbara jean

Cat & Cricket said...

Cindy~ to me it is quite simple. Karma, kismet..whatever you may call it.. I believe people meet for a reason..never a coincidence... in blogging there are some that you pop in once in awhile..others, although you never met.. you start to get to know, then have private emails...and before you know it you are like soul sisters! Call it therapy, friendship, love, creativity...
But it is all for a reason.

Suzann said...

Hi Cindy,
I was just thinking the other day how wonderful blogging is because you get to see so many people ALL OVER THE WORLD that do wonderful creations and if it wasn't for internet then we would miss out and not see all the beauty people like you :) create.
Thank you Cindy and I enjoy visiting your "world"
I am glad to have "met" people like you :)
Suzann ~xoxo~

Dawn said...

Hi Cindy,

Love the collage.

blogging art, well as I child I loved drawing and all the way through school I always loved this subject and did well at it. Unfortunately my parents were not as supportive as some. "You could never make a living at art you'll get a proper job" still rings in my ears often when I create now.

My mum says I am very talented now but all too late in some ways.

Why do I blog? to give me confidence? to share? maybe both, but I do know it's something I have kept up over two yrs now. It's something I love doing creating bloging meeting new people sharing time with them it all meen so very much to me.

I started blogging because of illness and I am still ill but when I am creating and sharing I don't feel alone at my table I feel I have so many sat along with me commenting say what a great job I'm doing. Looking forward to posting my comments on your post and receiving your lovely words not just about the post but when I can get a sense of who you are, the little joke a shared experience etc.

I don't remember a dream of colours but I do have many dreams of friendships and art together odd how I now remember but always in vivid colours and soft tones and I have a note book at the bed to write down what I can remember (I'm a bit rubbish at remembering any thing lol)

As I have had my children I have done more and more art as I left it after school and never bothered. But I learnt my self to knit bake and sew. I am no perfect cook,seamstress or knitter. But I do enjoy making things and this grew and grew.

But I have to say since blogging I really have found this to be the most creative period in my life and I am loving it all.

As always I believe the lord has a say in all things and I believe while I am ill I have been able to concentrate on art and build my confidence once more that maybe one day I will be able to be in magazines and be recognised as an artist because in my hear I think I always have been, And now like a butterfly coming from out of a dark cocoon I am coming in to the light and spreading my wings and getting ready to enjoy all that comes my way through art.

Poignant questions and as always Cindy my love to you my sister in life and not just art XX

Terry said...

Good morning, Cindy! Lovely post and beautiful creation. To me blogging is a form of friendship. Some of our art forms may be different, but we all enjoy the sharing and the friendships. It is amazing to learn about people and sometimes become "Sisters in Art," such as I consider you. For me blogging and this art form is therapy and the added benefit is friendship! Hugs to you!

Linda said...

Beautiful post, Cindy! If you go into a bookstore and look at the magazine racks, they are loaded with creative issues~ art, gardening, cooking, photography, design...there is such a satisfaction that comes with creating. It's been in me since I was a little child and I don't know any other way to essence...I like to create and make things beautiful! I do have a sense of an art Renaissance, too~ we've lived long enough to have seen how art has evolved in our lifetimes, and with the internet and blogging we are able to share it with others more! It is so wonderful to see what people are doing and be inspired!

Kim said...

Hello Art Sister, I just LOVE that! Wow I'm sitting here in awe of this post, it truly touched me, and so many things you said are so true and make sense!!! Had it not been for the love of Art/ crafting I would not know you, I am truly blessed and God has definatley put so many of us in touch for a reason!!! I love the piece you made, I actually made some new things for my shop today, if you get a minute go take a look! Thanks for being such an inspiration Cindy, you are the best!!! xo ♥

Ira said...

First of all let me start by saying this is a great post that touches my heart. Because I think that there's so much truth in it. I've told my husband more than once that if the 'real world' would be more like the virtual blogging world, it would be so much better somehow! We women all try to create something pretty from the heart and, which I think is most important, it's almost always a present for someone else, a gift. Thinking of someone else comes first to most of us I think. I share your enthusiasm, if ever I come across something I'm truly amazed about I'm like a child seeing a ladybug for the first time ;-) Your dream is amazing, did you see other symbols in combination with these colours? I believe dreams always have a deeper meaning and if you think about them you usually always know the meaning. Luckily for us human beings there always has been art and there always will be! Thank God for that and for you, I'm glad we 'met' Cindy! Hugs, Ira

Micki said...

Hello Cindy. I have to agree with you that it is no accident that women all over the world are being brought together via the internet with art. Maybe God is trying to show us how much alike we all are, reguardless of race and religion. He gave us all the talent to create art and inspires us every day to share it with the world. I have noticed on many occasions how much our art is similar to others even though it is all unique. I don't remember a time when I wasn't creating something. I just felt like I had to get it out of me and into the world. It is wonderful to find women all over the world who feel the same. I am inspired every day the blogs that I follow. I love to see the things that others are making and I have learned so many new ways to use different materials. I love the piece that you shared with us today. You are a very talented artist. I believe that somewhere in the future, this will be known as the internet period in art history, and we will all be seen as it's talented artists.

Have a wonderful day and I will look forward to seeing what you share with us next. Micki

Susan Allan said...

Hi Cindy.
I have dreams but not that one.

I don't sleep enough to have many dreams.

I agree we are all sitting on a world-wide porch, making and communicating whilst doing our 'knitting'.

Like you, I started making things, long before I knew about art blogs.

It was so important at the start to do art and for it to be acceted at least and admired at best.
Now I think the communication is so much more important than just showing lovely work..well for me that is how it is, now.

I have met some lovely people in this strange blog landscape..and now I look forward to chatting with them more than showing my work.

I now feel it is the companionship and sharing which is so much fun.

Hope this helps and thank you, Cindy for your interesting post today!

Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

Sharon Wengel said...

I think you are right Cindy, I also think we all have this desire to leave something tangable on this earth for others to remember us by when we leave this place for the great beyond. Look back at all the wonderful art from the past that keeps the artists living in out hearts and minds. This communication that we share helps us know that we are not alone in our pursuit of the past and the future. I feel that you ladies understand me better than anyone . Love me some bloging buddies !

Vicki said...

Hello, Art Sister! Yes, thanks to blogging and the internet I feel like there is definitely a new movement in the art world. It has brought so many like minded individuals together which has created the momentum. There are so many new publications, shopping venues and ways to just share! I love it. I think that style trends leaning towards vintage, farm and industrial style certainly helps too. Our likes and styles are aligning with home decor. Plus, with the economny the green movement and desire to repurpose and reuse...the stars have aligned. I think we are making a major change in our thinking and lifestyles. More people also seem interested in researching and preserving the past. To me it is all relative and helping to make this feel more like a movement than a trend. I love blogging. I love the friendship and the inspiration. It is artful, therapeutic, your post. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Home and Heart said...

Just lovely Cindy!! SO pretty! I have been crafting since I was a child. I think we were made with the "need" to create. We humans love beauty. What blogging has shown me is woman are constantly beautifying things. Whether our homes, our creations, or ourselves. Especially in a world which is scarier than ever, I think it also brings us some peace, and control, and moments of joy.
Even with a faltering economy, craft goods, whether paper, fabric, or vintage still sell. It wouldn't surprise me to find creative woman are keeping us going!!

sonya said...

Hi dear Art Sister! You have put it all into words so beautifully! I know this blogging thing isn't an accident and developing wonderful friendships along the way as well. Thank you for remembering to give God the glory for all of it! Because that is where it comes from and we should all be SO thankful for that! I know I am. Everyday.
It's so wonderful to receive such positive feedback from women and (some men) around this world plus share their ideas and creations with us too. It really is a blessing (you included!).
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Hugs and love to you,

Linda said...

Hi Cindy,

What a wonderful post! I was just remembering the fun we had at my Grandfather's house- he was so creative and talented! He used to make the center pieces and decorations for all of their Eastern Star and Masons dinners and parties. We loved going to Ma & Nandads, as soon as we would get there, headed for the basement to create with whatever he had for us to work with. Now thinking about it using vises, files and more in the late 50's early 60's I guess was something! My Great Grandmother Nonie made quilts and I made one in high school from her pieces. I have been creating in some form all of my life, my Grand Angels are crafters too. I think of certain memories from my Grandparents and to this day I can still see them while Dad was backing the car out of the driveway standing there waving and waving as they closed the driveway gate. For some reason it always fills me with love even now after they have been gone for over 30 years.
Thanks Cindy!
Yes I love this new to me blogging- everyone is so very talented and I feel I have made some new friends!
Linda XXOO

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What a great post! Your blog is always so interesting to read. It's awesome!!!!

Roselle said...

Hello sweet Cindy: Your brain has been on overdrive! LOL I LOVE your quilting bee analogy and I think you are right on with that. I also truely believe that creating is a God given gift and should be shared and used to the max. I never really gave much thought to my creations sitting in someone's home but I will ponder that. I know that I am still amazed when someone buys something I've made. LOL I've been artistic (way more right brained) my whole life. I found eBay years ago and started selling there and things have progressed from that. Anyhoo...there you have it. Great post dear friend!

Donnie said...

Even the ones that chose not to create enjoy all the beauty that others have made. I can go to a cooking blog or a sewing one, even a scrapbook one and appreciate all their work and ideas. It's even more special when someone comments on the fun Don and I have and then it makes me stop and say "yes, we do-aren't we blessed in this life". You are a sweet woman and it shines throughout your blog.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, so beautiful, Cindy! I agree with everything you said...I DO believe we're all doing this for a reason right now...and I very much agree that we help, teach and inspire one another in the most wonderful ways.

I've never met such amazing, talented and generous women in my life (my family excepted, of course!) Having no one in my area that enjoys doing what I do, I thrive on this online share with and visit.

I truly believe that God gave us these abilities for a reason. I also believe that the desire and ability to create is so important to us as women...part of every fiber of our being...and I'm never happier than when I can create at least a little something every day.

Your likening what we do to an old-fashioned quilting bee is so perfectly really is. I will carry that image with me as we continue to create and share different places all across this beautiful world, it's true...but we can come together everyday, can't we? What a miracle.

Thank-you for all you share, beautiful truly are a gift to this wonderful bloggy world we've all come to love so much. Thank-you for your kindness, your generosity, and your friendship.


Burlap Luxe said...

Cindy! Girl you have out done yourself and every one of us out here putting words to our art and creativness :)

Indeed it is so like the day bygone days of sitting together quilting and knitting :)
I feel the same way you feel, I think it was God that woke me up one day and said look deep into a world he gave us, a place we can be a testimoney to other women out there who just need to connect and find a place to show and tell, as well as connecting with our Art Sisters as you so perfectly put it :)

I tell myself how did I discover this world and why not years sooner when I was going through a tuff divorce, I often tell my close girl friends blogging would have saved me a whole lot of heart ache!! Its the deep connection to all the we create and the friends that share with you, and the ones that encourage greatness from us :)

Cindy, you are so right, there is a special connect that only women creating get and understand :)

Thank you for this most perfect post! I was choked up reading it all the way through it! It really tugged at my heart, and empower's us as creative souls.

I have dreamt of a place where you feel famous for your talened works, the bloggy friends make you feel famous in so many ways, most of all for being who you are :)

Bravo Cindy, this is a post to LOVE!!!!

Pamela said...

Beautiful post Cindy!

I love the collage. Brings back alot of memories. When my son was very young before he started school we would make collages all the time! He just loved it!! When he got to grade 4 he was the only child who knew what a collage was. Thank goodness he likes to create through music and theatre.

Pamela ox

Linda M. said...

Good morning Cindy, I didn't have time yesterday to visit but here I am this morning. I love your sweet Inspire piece it reminds me of your Miss Creative Spirit piece which I still love. As you know she sits above my monitor near the tags you made. I feel your creative spirit in each piece. We have talked about kindred spirits in the past. I too believe God has his hand in leading us to one another. I too feel it may be a renaissance movement. I've dabbled in creating things for well over 30 years. However, blogging is NEW as is finding soul sisters or more kindred spirits who fuel my spirit and encourage me. I love creating things but often I struggle with thinking I should be doing house chores or thinking I'm wasting my time with artsy things. Just then I get an email or comment from someone or I visit a special blog and I'm renewed and my creative spirit soars again. Thanks! Hugs, Linda

Trisha said...

This is a wonderfully, insightful post and so true! Some people are born with musical talents and I just happened to be born with creative talent and for that I am very thankful. My mom and my grandma are the same way. For as long as I can remember my grandma made Christmas ornaments for the whole family and I loved seeing what creative idea she had come up with this year. She stopped doing it a few years ago so I think I am going to start the tradition again. Creating runs through my veins! I love being able to make something for someone and then hearing them say "You made this?!?!" I am constantly creating or thinking of new things to make and blogging has definitely helped me fuel my passion. I am fascinated by all the things these talented women do everyday. Someday I will be able to make this my full time job-creating and inspiring others. I can not wait for that day, but until then, I will continue to do what I do and be inspired by all my friends in blogland! Thank you Cindy for your friendship and constant kindness!


Lovey said...

Nothing by chance...divine connections. You have so beautifully captured the essence of what brings us together...not be taken lightly...the bonds of us women, artists, mothers, sisters....connected, bonded for a purpose bigger then one.

Cameron said...

Blogging has changed my life, too! It has changed the way I view my art, my connections, my Self....

I used to be a lot darker...I felt like there were 2 sides to me...the Creative/Artsy side...and my "Normal" side that my Hubby understood, and that was accepted by the general public...I always felt that to indulge in my art was to choose to be outside the norm and what was expected of was hard to accept myself feeling the absolute NEED to create..and also the desire to be praised for doing what others felt I should be doing.

That was one of the main reasons I started to keep an online journal of the 2 sides that wrestled within me...why my blog is called "Paint Myself Pretty" "paint" myself with words that made me feel better about my choices and my art.

I never thought I would meet so many other women, artists, creatives (like you, Cindy)sharing the same dreams, the same struggles...cheering me on and coming back to validate my thoughts and talent!!
It has awakened my spirit and shone a sparkling light on the dark corners that once remained in the shadow..

An ongoing, amazing experience!!

Cheryl said...

wonderful post hun.
I started blogging to reach people,and to share my love for crafting.
I never thought I could ever do anything like this,and started when i became ill,and just watching something on tv,thought i would give it a go.
I have never looked back since,I just love to read what people say on my blog it really makes my heart sing,and helps with my confindence too.
I try to make things,that communicate with people,something that tells a story if that makes sense. I get ideas,at night when i am trying to sleep and often get up and write things down ready to get started,in the morning
by posting on my blog,its my way of saying good morning,to all my friends,each morning to get up turn on my computer,to see what all of my wonderful friends are up too,one huge family which I have become part of.
Through creating is my way of saying,thank you to everyone,and to welcome them into my world,
I just feel that I have woken,up from a dark place to somewere that someone has turned the light on.
My way of crafting is my way to welcome everyone,to my blog,and to share it with others,my blog is not about just posting,and getting lots of comments,its my way of putting the kettle on,and having a chat with all the amazing people who have become,my dear friends.
After all,you have nothing if you have no freinds,and I just love to share,my thoughts,and craft with others.
I often,stare up at the stars at night and see how beautiful they are,takes you away to somewere magaical just for a few moments,just like my blog,if ever a bad day,you can always rely on,others to lift your spirits.
Hugs cherylx

Creative Grammie said...

Wow Cindy! This is such a powerful post, it hit home for me. I thank God everyday for the skills and talents that this great Spirit has bestowed on me.
Without making this a long story bio, I think for me my creating started out as a necessity,then evolved through the years to what it is today and I'm loving every moment of it.
I live in the 50th state of the US,Hawaii, which means it takes about 5 hours to get to the US continent. So blogging, once I got over the fear of it, is a blessing. I've met such wonderful creatives in blogland and it's a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing there's a lot of us out there sharing what we love.
Thank you Cindy for sharing such powerful insights with all of us. I've enjoyed your blog from my first visit and I'll continue to enjoy your writing and artwork as long as you're willing to share it with us.
Warm Hugs,

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Cindy, Such a thought provoking post. When I read the part about this being an artistic movement, I got goose bumps. I think none of us meeting online is an accident but a higher power.
I know many times I will talk to friends and family members about some of my blog artist friends about something going on in their life,I know they can't possibly understand how I can have feeling and such a connection to many even though we haven't met in person. But its real!
Blogging and my blog friends has become an important part of my life, first thing I do in the a.m and last thing in the evening.
hugs Lynn

Charlotte said...

You are so right, Cindy. I've had many hobbies through the years from decopaging in the 70s, doll making in the 80s, stained glass in the 90s and lots of other creative things thrown in along the way. Now the computer has provided an outlet for creating "stuff". It wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I couldn't share with other bloggers. It has opened up a new world to this "old" lady.
Meeting you along the way has been a wonderful part of it.
Hugs & blessings,

Linda Anne Young said...

Wow, I am really touched by your post. It's so wonderful to share ideas, such talent, and supportive feelings with so many "art sisters" with the same passions and love of life. May you be blessed as you have truly blessed so many! Love Linda