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Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Determined!

Hi Everyone~

This weekend I got a stationery bicycle at Academy Sports, as well as 5 lb. weights...So, guess who will be working out!

I only got one set of weights and actually, I hope that 5 lb. ones are not too heavy...What do you think? I realized that maybe I should have gotten 3 lb. ones, but since the store is very far away, it looks like I won't be taking them back.

If you've used them, could you let me know what you think about my choice?

I hope you all have a great week!!!



Cameron said...

The music kicked in just as I finished reading....and I literally laughed out loud...ha! How appropriate, My Dear!

I used weights eons ago....but they do the job!
Best wishes! I'll be rooting for you ;P

craftattack said...

Well done, looks like a lot of hard work! Hugs, Valerie

Vintage Amethyst said...

Fab! After we have moved our businesses out of the house & into business premises we now have a spare room so we are turning that into our Gym & getting all our exercise equipment out of the attic & then we can stop our gym membership!!!
I use 5lbs weights, they are heavy (not too heavy though) but I like that, any lighter & I feel I'm not really doing anything! Lol!

Zoechaos said...

Its not so much the weight as the repeating of the the movement that counts. You'll soon know if 5lb is to much but at the same time you will quickly adapt to the weight. So long as you are enjoying yourself you'll be fine. XOXO Zoe

Angie said...

Hi Cindy. I love your post with the "Rocky" music in the background! It brought a chuckle and put a smile on my face. As for the weights, I tried 5 lb weights, but they were too much for me. All I got were muscle and bone aches. The 3 lb weights were a perfect fit. But it's all in how you feel with them. Are you going to start punching sides of beef too? (LoL)

Well, go to it Rocky!........Hugs, Angie

jacirascrap said...

Achei ótima sua ideia de começar a fazer exercícios! Se for muito peso, força que logo irá conseguir!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Cindy,

I worked with a personal trainer for years and then worked for him, so I think I know some about weight training. A 5 lb. weight is a good start. When you think it isn't enough weight just use the two in one hand.

You may want to start with 8-10 repetitions and work up to 15. Three sets of them in each hand with a 20 second rest in between each set. Drink lots of water while working out. (o:

Can't wait to hear that you are hooked on weight training. When you see the results you will WANT MORE.


Heather Jacob said...

good luck Cindy you sure are determined ..... fantastic .... I am not that keen on exercise ... walking is enough for me ..... keep going you can do it ... good on you ... hugz x

Anonymous said...

I admire you, Cindy. Don't remember if it's best to start with three or five but your body will tell you. What I do know is even more important is the mind in all of it and who you are doing it for. Doing it for Cindy's well being is the key. I highly suggest that you consistently keep yourself in check with a mental note of that so you don't waiver.

LOVE the inspiring music. Now, if only I'd join along with you.

Ira said...

Whoa girl, you're really up to something! I don't know these weights, but they look supercool! Which colour did you get ;-) Good luck! Hugs, Ira

Kathy said...

Agree with the others, the music, so fun! I like the bike, I wish I would have bought one, INSTEAD of a real one. Too hot here to ride, and I fall off, ALL the
I think the 3 pound weights are the way to go for beginners. Even they get heavy with repetition. But you will most likely work up to 5 pound, if they are to heavy. As some above me said, you will know, your body will tell you.
So go girl...kick major butt... xo

Just me said...

I want to thank you for the early morning inspiration to get my weights out! I'm using 3 lbs but that is because we have moved so much in the past year that I think my 5's are still in a box somewhere. Haven't used them for a while and really need to!
Now if I could only get someone to kick my butt into gear every morning!
I also want to wish you good luck with your exercising. May your motivation & energy be plentiful!

Barbara F. said...

First, I LOVE your theme music! lol second, I think 5-lb will be OK, 3 may be too light, 8- or 10- might be a little rough until you build up. Having said that, I need to pull my 1-lb ones out of the closet!!! :) xo

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Go Cindy! : )

Dorthe said...

Hi dear, I don`t know anything about weights--I would be better off if I did, I know- but all I can do is to wish you good results,Cindy.

La said...

Way to go, Cindy. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work, Sweetie.

Terry said...

I think 3lb weights might be too light, unless you have shoulder, elbow or wrist conditions. You go girl!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you girl! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Holly said...

Wow, Cindy! You look so amazing! You go girl! Congratulations on being featured - that is so wonderful! You continue to touch lives in so many ways.

Cindy said...

Good for you, Cindy! I just started doing weights for my upper body, but I use 3 lbs. Five lbs. might be okay, though. You're an inspiration!!