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Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Blog: A Free Seminar--Class 5

Hi Everyone:

Welcome to Class 5 of our seminar. I design for Dezinaworld, so I hope you don't mind that I have interjected these digital pieces that I created with their amazing fall graphics.

I love the fall season and it was a pleasure creating these.

And now, onto class...

Class 5: You Want People to LOVE Your Blog

I have been to blogs that have blog parties (events where you link up) or sign up for a giveaway. If they have tons of rules, I will not join. Are they movie stars or something? Let’s get real, folks! I like to keep things as simple as possible and if I get lost in a mire of “rules,” I’m so “outta there!”
So, if you have a blog party or a giveaway, keep that in mind. You are trying to get people to LOVE your blog--not to be afraid of it! lol
Okay, so tomorrow I am ready to tell you a “Perils of Pauline” story about when I first started blogging. Do you want to hear it? If so, just let me know in the comments box and I will “tell all!”

And, a BIG thank you to Myric of Petites Passions--WOW! She just did a review of my new books--and it's called "Blogging is a Girl's Best Friend." I hope you'll go see her HERE!!!

Also, I have LOTS of easy tutorials at: Whimsical Musings Magazine

One more thing: If you have missed any part of this seminar, just go to the tab at the top of my blog that says "How to Blog: A Free Seminar" and you can catch the entire thing at your own leisure. I will leave it there permanently. And if it is helpful, please let me know--thanks so much!

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Carol Stuck said...

OK...I want to hear the perils of Pauline story...

Love your blog!!!


sissie said...

Do tell Cindy.


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Of course we want to hear it you tease!

Myric said...

I would love to hear the story of “Perils of Pauline”.

love lots!


Betty Sneeringer said...

Yes, bring on the Perils of Pauline!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

j'adore your digital pieces! lovely! Oui..oui..i would like to hear more about "pauline" and her perils! ;)

Cindy said...

Thanks again, Cindy, and yes, yes, I want to hear your "perils of Pauline" story! Very curious now!!
Hugs, Cindy

Barb and Dell said...

Yes! I can't wait to hear the perils of Pauline.

jacirascrap said...

Obrigada Cindy e sim, quero ouvir a história... Estou lendo seus post e tomara eu os colocar em prática...

Barbara F. said...

I absolutely agree, some giveaways require more steps than Dancing with the Stars. I usually disregard, I am noy liking on FB, joining their site or tweeting if I don't really have an interest!

And yes, I want to hear your story.

sonya said...

I agree too, Cindy! And yes! I want to hear your story!! :)
Thanks for all of your adice, my friend.

Creative Grammie said...

You realize you're keeping us all in suspense??
Yes, I want to hear you story!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

yup, perils sounds interesting, LOL!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love a tell all and love your linky party advise! Can't wait for more!


Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Sounds interesting my friend! I'll stay tuned! Hugs Marilou

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'm with you on fancy rules of giveaways! I don't do them either! When I do a giveaway, I just say 'Tell me you want it' and I will draw a name on such and such date! lol :) Right now I am doing a giveaway and I do have a rule.. a teacher has to win it, as it is a teacher's wall I want to make sure a teacher gets it! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Donna said...

Yes, do tell all, Cindy! Love your work, they are all so pretty! And I SO agree about all of those rules and regulations! I stumbled upon a blog last week that was offering a super giveaway, but the rules were oh so confusing and lengthy, I didn't bother to enter. I was too confused!!! Hooray for your book reviews, I'll go check out that post!!

Rhissanna said...

Yes to Perils of Pauline. How can you tease us like this, Cindy!

Lengthy rules for a giveaways? I can understand the need for it. if it's a big prize, because then it's a kind of lottery.

But if it's the nice, friendly paying-it-forward blog stuff, then it ought to be a happy, friendly experience, not a lot of stuffy rules.

Simply Debbie said...

DO tell your "Perils of Pauline!"

I think it is a okay to tell a story about your self but no one else unless it is told in love and that is how most of us roll...

I will not join a give away with lengthy rules.

your digital art creations are so very pretty...I really love the second one.


Kim said...

Thank you so much for all of this. You are so right about people being so helpful and kind..... Count yourself into that group!

New End Studio said...

I've just read your story for the next classes (see link at top of the page) and you meet all kinds! Good for you for rising above and glad you are here and having the class and have your blogs and shop- yay for Cindy!

Michele said...

these dezinaworld creations are luscious! yes, tell the perils of pauline story! and yes, i LOVE your blog. xoxo

Cheryl said...

oh hun your creations with junes images are just stunning hun the,way you present your work is amazing just love these,and yes please hun would love to hear your story take care my friend hugs cherylxxxxx

suziqu's thread works said...

Georgeous Autumn creations Cindy!
I am really put off by rules with Giveaways. I dont do rules myself - I like to give simply and easily!
Yes we are all ears about the perils of Pauline!
Love and hugs,

craftattack said...

Love the autumn creations, so pretty! Valerie

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am catching up and enjoying your tuttorials and seminar very much!!
Yes, do tell all!!


Ros said...

I so want to hear the story!! ... I have to agree with you ... I don't like rules and things either ... I never ask anyone to follow me just to get a gift ... If they want to they will ...I am no good at self promotion ... hate the whole thing ... Love your digital pieces ... TFS ... Have a Wonderful day

robynart said...

Will stay tuned for Perils of Pauline, love the Autumn creations, enjoying the tutorials. Thanks for sharing Cindy, hugs Robyn

Angela said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yesss, I definitely want to hear about Pauline's peril. I will stay tuned for the next part!

Gisèle said...

Of course we want to hear; do tell all LOL xxx

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Hi Cindy
So much to chat about.
First, the Dezinaworld artwork - you captured that glorious Autumnal day with your art. Love it all!!!
Secondly of course you have to tell us your story LOL.
In total agreement, if too many rules then I don't want to hang around. I don't even say you must Follow my blog when I have Giveaways as find it difficult to come out and say those words but maybe I need to consider that in future but no, bored with "you must do this and you must do that".
As for your seminar - love that we can re-read the seminar at our leisure.
Congrats on the book review although I am not surprised!!!
Of course I was going to include as much info as possible in my post. You have helped so many people with creating this seminar.

Ira said...

Oh my, you have some amazingly beautiful autumn pieces with June's gorgeous images Cindy! Love the richness!! And you know all about us girls, we are all very curious and dying to know the whole story, lol!! Hugs, Ira

Sarah said...

Today I plan to take a look at your ebooks and add your button to my list of favorite blogs. Thanks, Cindy!


Just me said...

Love your art work!
Can't wait to hear this story!
What a lovely review from Myric!
I am also not a big fan of jumping through hoops for a giveaway.
Thanks for this seminar! It's been great, very informative!

Daniella said...

Sure! You know I love a good story!!
I +1'd this post!

Lululiz said...

Tell! Tell! Tell! Lol, of course we want to hear a good story.
Great Fall pieces, the colours and images are gorgeous.

Fliss said...

Really gorgeous artwork Cindy and those new Autumn set images and embellishments look fabulous.
Thanks so much for the blog help too.

Hugs, Fliss xx

Chris Arlington said...

I love your creations Cindy ! just gorgeous!