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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Surprises From Wonderful Friends!

Hi Everyone~

Yesterday, I received this gorgeous piece of digital art from my friend Linda from Random Creativity~It was such a wonderful surprise!!

I just went out to my mailbox and found these amazing surprises too! My friend Lynne of Adorn sent this gorgeous card (on the right) and the most beautiful Paris stamped ribbon!!! Ira from Ira's Creacorner sent this beautiful matchbox and it is filled with these adorable silhouette tags!

Ira is from The Netherlands and she also sent these precious shoes~But, what she doesn't know is that from the time I was a little girl, I had a pair of these that my parents bought for me on a trip....I held onto them for over 20 years, but they were lost in an earthquake...Ira--It was such a surprise, I couldn't believe it!!!

Life has blessed me with such wonderful friends~

Big (((hugs))) to Linda, Lynne and Ira and to all of you too!!!



Donna said...

You have the sweetest friends, Cindy!
Those silhouette tags are awesome! And how wonderful that you received the pair of Dutch shoes just like the ones you lost in the earthquake!!

Honey at 2805 said...

Oh, you do have the sweetest friends!

Jenny said...

Oh, what fun!

NanaDiana said...

People give to you because you love and are loved in return! What a wonderful surprise-all three of them...but those little shoes are extra special because of the story that accompanies them. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Cindy, you deserve every one of those gifts. I love the little shoes. How special. Also love the words on the digital art. Dreamy.


Barbara said...

What wonderful goodies Cindy! I especially love the little shoes.

Hugs XX

Linda said...

Blogging friends are so all your goodies! Hope you are doing well, Cindy! XO

Ira said...

Dear dear friend, your story really touched me, indeed, I didn't know about the shoes. Now I'm even more thankful that I sent you these! Big hugs from the Netherlands, Ira xox

Ira said...

And how lovely to see that our mutual friend Lynne has sent you this wonderful card, she always works miracles with stamps!!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

This shows how much you are cared for not only in your beloved America but from all corners of the world.
Ira is a beautiful friend, I am so lucky to know her also.
Enjoy :)

1CardCreator said...

Wonderful gifts, your friends are so talented! Congrats on getting published too! Sorry I missed some posts, my loss for sure! ~Diane

Linda M. said...

Hi Cindy, I love the little shoes and the story. Have you ever danced in wooden shoes? lol Hugs, Linda

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely treasures!
The wooden shoes are so special!
I love the "she danced in the moonlight!"