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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Did I mention that I think blogging is FUN? Well, I wanted to join the party over at Rednesday where everything is red! I have decided to post a picture of my staircase. Thanks for coming by!


Faye said...

Cindy, your staircase is beautiful. I love the decorative pieces on the right hand side. I have no idea what that part of the stairs is called. Also the wainscoting is gorgeous. My stairs are oak treads and oak risers, white spindles and oak rail. Maybe some day I could add the molding to do the wainscoting.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

How beautiful! I bet that staircase will keep you in good shape!

Melissa said...

Wow, with a staircase like that I bet your house is darling!

LV said...

You have a lovely home based on the stairs you shared. I am not sure how long it would take me to reach the top.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Gorgeous staircase! I wish they had suggested doing our stairs that way when we had the hardwood put in.


Linda said...

Gorgeous stairway~ I love the red!

Barbara said...

Love,love, love that staircase girlfriend! So beautiful.

Hugs XX

SueLovesCherries said...

Love those red walls! Your home looks beautiful, and I'm enjoying the French tunes!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Such a beautiful staircase! I love all of the details, so lovely.

Happy Rednesday,