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Monday, July 5, 2010

Announcing a New Linky Event!

On Friday July 9, 2010, I will be having a Linky party so that you can show us your “inspirational” place--it can be inside or outdoors. It will be on my inspirational blog at

After it is concluded, I will have a drawing and one person who enters their photo will be able to win this tag. It is made from grungeboard which has been inked. Commercial papers, embellishments, and lettering were used to create it. It hangs from an organza ribbon.


Kathy said...

It IS a small world indeed, Cindy I loved in New Orleans for 5 years before I moved to Atlanta! I love all your art and writing, but your photographs of the windows and doors and corners of the city moved me to tears. The mood of these shots is just incredible; the beautiful emptiness exudes such an air of stillness and contemplation that each one is a small meditation. You've made me homesick! I am looking forward to a long trip through both of your blogs. And, wh you return to Atlanta, I'd love it if you contacted me, so we could meet and have lunch and you could tell me tales of the Big Easy!

Kathy said...

oops... typed "loved," meant "lived;" well, maybe I really did mean "loved!"

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Kathy,
That is amazing that you lived here for 5 years too! Oh, I'm so glad that you got to see the photography...I actually need to go back to the French Quarter and get some more...

My daughter just left Atlanta to do field work for her dissertation (in El Paso.) But, I think she will be back in Atlanta the following year, and if she is, I'll be able to see you! Wouldn't that be fun?


Ms Bingle said...

Cindy, I just grabbed your button!