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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Let Your Love Shine" Altered Art Shrine

For artists, shrines are often created to celebrate a theme or idea. A few weeks ago when I realized that the Alter It Monthly challenge was having the theme “Dominoes,” I made 4 shrines. This one was created for my Etsy shop and 3 others with different designs were made for friends. I am in the process of making a similar one for display in the art gallery.

This is a fun piece to celebrate the Boho style that
has an earthy feel to it.

I am linking this up to Alter It Monthly and The Boardwalk Bragfest!


Home and Heart said...

You are talented in so many things!!

Cheryl said...

oh wow hun really love this,its really beautiful hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Zuzu's Blog said...

Hi Cindy :)
thank you so much for joining in again.. its nice to see people joining in on a regular basis.. your piece is almost tribal in appearance.. thank you for sharing it with us

Z x

Donna said...

Great work, Cindy! I bet this will be a really popular piece in your shop!!

Incipient Wings said...

you are a force of nature!it's beautiful!

Vicki said...

Cindy, I love how you can go from one style to another without skipping a beat! That is talent. I bet this was fun for you! I feel a little New Orleans, cajun, Mardi Gras inspiration in that piece. I wonder why? lol

Donnie said...

Goodness you make such beautiful items.

A Vintage Chic said...

What wonderful shrines, Cindy! You are one talented girl, my friend!

Hope you're having a fabulous night!


Linda said...

I love the tribal boho feel of this piece~so pretty!

Katie said...

I love shrines, and I really love yours. Those rich colors are fabulous. It has a deceivingly simple look.

My name is CINDY...... said...

Really neat piece!