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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chic on a Budget!

Do you know what these 4 items have in common?

Each one is part of a new Treasury on Etsy!

It is called "Chic on a Budget..." And guess who the
Curator is....You guessed it--me!

But, in order to get people finding it, I understand that
there needs to be comments posted at the bottom
of the page...Would you mind clicking the link
and leaving a comment? It would mean so much to

These are pictures of Linda, Donna, and Dore's treasures and I am sure
that when you get there, other "familiar faces" will be in there too!!



Vicki said...

Great job! I left a comment. Loved seeing so many of our bloggy friends and their terrific creations. I do promise to get some stock in my Etsy soon! lol


Theresa said...

I love it all and would love to see you all make the front page! Theresa xoxo

Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Cindy
Love it! You are the Best Cheerleader for us all!!!
Thank You for stopping by and Checking up on me. You are very Sweet!

Nancy Y said...

Fantastic Treasury!! I was just there and left a comment! I'd love to see that on the Etsy home page!

Donna said...

Love your tresuries, thanks so much for including me! You are a doll!

A Vintage Chic said...

What a wonderful idea, Cindy--you'll make the most fabulous curator!

Love all your beautiful treasures, my friend...


Incipient Wings said...

gorgeous treasures!

The English Romantic said...

Great treasures. Well done the curator!

Cheryl said...

oh wow hun these all look just amazing is that a bird cage I can see on there,love it,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Magpie said...

Gorgeous items! I'm off to click and comment!

Maggie :)

Rita A. said...

What wonderful items. I left a comment and I think I marked it as a favorite. I'm still a little unsure of myself over there.
Good luck.


...lovely treasures... just wanted to say hi and thank you for the previous kind words you left on my page!!!:)

GOD Bless!!!:)


Terry said...

Beautiful treasures! I have to go and check this out! Have a great day!

Donnie said...

They are all lovely and I went over and left a comment. I didn't know you could comment on Etsy.

Roselle said...

Thanks for including me in your chic treasury Cindy! It's gorgeous! How did you EVER get a treasury in? I've tried a bunch of times and they are always full! Harumph! Beginners luck!

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RE: ..hi Cindy.. yes, i'm about to finish my college this semester... and i'm taking BS Accountacy.... i had the ugliest schedules this semester co'z all my classes are at night and everyday... as in literally 7days a week... [o, they're killing me on my last sem..] anyhow, i tryin' my hardest to change that toxic schedules... i'm talking already with some professors and deans and hopefully would get a favorable considerations... wish me luck!:)

Good day!!!:)